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The Global Learning Foundation was established in 2013 as the Asia Pacific Youth Foundation before more recently, expanding to assist communities outside the immediate APAC region. Thus, becoming the Global Learning Foundation.

Whilst operating tours in Asia, the foundation noticed that despite other organisations doing some great work in communities, it was never clear or transparent as to how much money actually reached the community. Nor was it clear if the work being done was in the community’s best interests – or even if it was what they needed!

So, with its experience they decided to extend the reach of the Global Learning Foundation. By involving Australian secondary schools in some of the project work, the foundation was able to make a real difference.

The foundation, with donor support, was able to vary community initiatives and social impact projects globally, especially in areas not always accessible to student groups. Where safe and manageable, schools can now be involved with some project work through Global Learning Expeditions.

*Global Learning Foundation is a registered charity in Australia and is fully regulated and audited by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). GLF must submit an annual financial statement and fulfil other obligations to the ANCN.

BE the difference

GLE works in partnership with students, the Global Learning Foundation and local communities to create real sustainable change. Working together we can achieve a brighter future with quality education, housing and income generation for individuals, families and communities throughout the world.

BE the difference and create a change for one child, one family, and one community. Together let's build a better future for everyone!

About us

Global Learning Expeditions (GLE) evolved to fill a void in the student community service travel space and is a dedicated and meaningful company that supports the work of the foundation.

GLE manages opportunities for young people to globally connect and help those less fortunate through a variety of community projects, including conservation and other social impact initiatives. All with a common goal of advancing education.

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Participating in GLE expeditions leads to increased self-esteem, team work, and instills an appreciation of cultural diversity in students. It also enables students to build social awareness - promoting values of understanding and friendship all whilst having FUN at the same time!

To find out more about who we are and what we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to provide any information you may require!

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