Global Learning Expeditions


Global Learning Expedition

Travel can be a life-altering experience for teens. To see a part of the world that’s different to their own really expands their minds in ways the classroom alone cannot.

What GLE expeditions could offer your child:

  • the chance to develop stable life philosophies
  • giving back to those less fortunate
  • practice being independent and taking on new responsibilities
  • satisfy their thirst for adventure
  • broadening their horizons and cultural understanding

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

GLE Project inclusions

All tours include:

  • Travel insurance
  • Risk management support
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Fully staffed tours
  • Passionate and caring staff
  • Higher than required teacher to student ratio

On the site project:

  • Trained professional guides
  • Full project orientation
  • Regional and government support
  • Emergency support vehicle
  • Accessible hospitals and medical facilities
  • A handover ceremony that involves the whole community

Why GLE?

100% Australian owned and operated

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What do past travellers have to say about their GLE project experience?

Giving up my time to help someone else less fortunate than myself creates a burst of feelings inside of me making me want to do more! Let's be grateful for what we have, make a difference, help those less fortunate and of course let's be happy and SMILE like the Cambodian people!

GLE Cambodia project participant

Using words to describe what I saw and felt truly does not do it justice. As we first arrived to the school which is situated in a very reserved area the children were so excited and happy. It melted my heart at how much joy we bought to them. It took a while for them to warm up to all of us but before we knew it they were holding onto our hands, wanting to play soccer!

The most amazing trip I have been on so far. We were made to feel so welcome, and there was so much to do. We were providing extremely valuable and cherished community service in what can only be described as an island paradise. It was a genuinely remarkable experience.

Without this journey I would never have actually realised or fully comprehended how fortunate I am. I think people take too many things for granted and need to realise that there are people in the world who are worse of then themselves.


What is GLE’s Vision?

GLE’s vision is to bring youth together to foster community involvement, friendship, leadership, understanding and learning, all with the common drive to improve educational outcomes for all.

What is the goal of a GLE project?

GLE provides unique and sustainable community service programs in disadvantaged and impoverished communities in locations such as Asia, the Pacific and South America.

Our goal is to help break the poverty cycle by assisting to provide sustainable and long-term outcomes in these communities.  The main focus of the community service projects in the villages is the provision of educational facilities and resources.

GLE supports the provision of educational resources and programs for the local communities in collaboration with the Global Learning Foundation

How does GLE operate?

GLE focuses on coordinating students from Australian and US schools to participate in community service projects in destinations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Fiji where the very basic of services and facilities are in short supply.

What types of projects does GLE deliver?

The occasion to be part of supporting a local community with a real opportunity to make a tangible difference and develop a relationship with people from another culture can be a life-changing and truly rewarding experience for all involved.

The community service programs through our specific projects improve the provision of basic needs and amenities missing from village life; eg, safe drinking water, power, permanent housing, education and healthcare.

How do the community service project contributions work?

Each individual project requires funds in order for it to proceed. There is always a cost associated with building a classroom, community house, Peace House, play equipment, or even a school.

GLE supports the school to organise raising funds to complete the Community Service Project. The type of project will determine the amount of money to be raised by the school community.

100% of funds raised by the school community are allocated to the Community Service Project.

This contribution allows the foundation to plan and secure the community service project, appoint contractors and purchase materials required to complete the community service project.

Do we need to do any fundraising?

GLF strongly encourages all groups to become involved in some form of fundraising activities. These activities support participation in a community service project and allow the group (school) to make a meaningful contribution to a particular project.

The group (school) has the choice of where to allocate any extra funds raised. For example, funds raised may be committed to covering the cost of tertiary fees for students or providing school uniforms or school resources.

What are the supervision ratios?

Each group participating in a community service project with GLE is required to have a set number of team leaders (Teachers).

The team leader/student ratio is 1 expedition leader for every to 7 students. In addition, there will be a minimum of two (2) local English speaking support personnel. Their role is to facilitate communication between the group and the locals, together with managing the community service project.

What support do the groups have?

GLE provides a high level of support for all groups in all destinations as required based on location, facilities, services, and local personnel.  We have a 24/7 emergency support line, as well as a local emergency vehicle where required.


For more information, email or call 1800 009 377

BE the difference

GLE works in partnership with students, the Global Learning Foundation and local communities to create real sustainable change. Working together we can achieve a brighter future with quality education, housing and income generation for individuals, families and communities throughout the world.

BE the difference and create a change for one child, one family, and one community. Together let's build a better future for everyone!

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