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Australia’s diverse landscapes, culture and rich biodiversity offers a wide variety of environmental and community social impact projects.

Make a difference in your own backyard while also experiencing the diverse and stunning landscapes on offer in Australia.  Home to between 7-10% of all species that occur on earth, Australia’s terrestrial and marine biodiversity is important both nationally and globally, establishing an obligation for its conservation and sustainable use.

Australia’s native vegetation is also extraordinarily diverse, rich and complex, with about 85% of Australia’s plant species endemic to the continent.

GLE projects in Australia are established and completed in partnership with local organisations. We work directly with the local representatives, local NGO’s and government bodies, where applicable, to provide the resources, facilities and programs that are required to assist in those communities.

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Environmental and community social impact projects
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Community support and engagement programs
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Specialist program assistance on location


By taking part in a GLE expedition students can have FUN while they develop teamwork, leadership skills, friendships and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Some of the things you may experience on an Australian expedition are:

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Conserve our planet

Take part in environmental and marine conservation projects and assist with coral regeneration through harvesting and planting, invasive weed removal and learn about and contribute to marine conservation and rescue initiatives.

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Explore culturally and naturally significant sites

Visit special places of cultural significance and learn about the unique environmental challenges being faced.

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Indigenous community immersion

Learn about indigenous culture through community immersion, sharing stories, dot painting workshops, guided flora and fauna walks and traditional ceremonies.

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Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites & awe inspiring places

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, visit Fitzroy Island, Uluru, see Kings Canyon at sunrise, the list goes on…!

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Time to take in the natural beauty

Take the time to soak in your surrounding with some time for rest and relaxation.

If this is a program that you or your school community would like to be involved in, please click below to contact us and fine out more!

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BE the difference

GLE works in partnership with students, the Global Learning Foundation and local communities to create real sustainable change. Working together we can achieve a brighter future with quality education, housing and income generation for individuals, families and communities throughout the world.

BE the difference and create a change for one child, one family, and one community. Together let's build a better future for everyone!

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