Our Projects

GLF is involved in a number of community projects and conservation initiatives in Fiji, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania and Panama.

Some projects are independently run by the foundation and supported by various donors. One such project is the Child Hope Special School in Tanzania. Other projects rely on support and fundraising from secondary school students and can include:

  • Rain water harvesting and water reticulation systems
  • Building and painting kindergartens
  • Repairs and maintenance to rural schools eg. painting, sanding
  • Planting and maintaining community gardens
  • Supporting IT systems in schools
  • Building small bridges
  • Solar power initiatives
  • Creating community sporting facilities
  • Chicken farms to generate income for communities
  • Planting mangroves and repairing coral reefs


– a very special school

In February 2018, The Global Learning Foundation received a very generous donation to build Tanzania’s very first special needs school for children with physical and mental disabilities. The Child Hope Special School is located in the Mbeya district.

In the remote village of Ubaruku, children with special needs are banned from attending mainstream schools due to the stigma associated with having a disability. As a result, most children are hidden away in their homes and don’t have access to any sort of education. It was Mr Peter Anthony, a longtime friend of the Foundation, who noticed these children gathering in front of the local primary school every day with nowhere else to go and decided something had to be done.

Thus, the Child Hope School was born. With the assistance of the Global Learning Foundation, we now have a 3-classroom school with toilet facilities, cook house, water tanks and 2 full time teachers educating 26 students who would have normally gone without an education.

There is still much work that needs to be done and an increasing number of students wishing to enrol in the school, so the foundation will continue to support the Child Hope school as it grows into the future.

BE the difference

GLE works in partnership with students, the Global Learning Foundation and local communities to create real sustainable change. Working together we can achieve a brighter future with quality education, housing and income generation for individuals, families and communities throughout the world.

BE the difference and create a change for one child, one family, and one community. Together let's build a better future for everyone!

About us

Global Learning Expeditions (GLE) evolved to fill a void in the student community service travel space and is a dedicated and meaningful company that supports the work of the foundation.

GLE manages opportunities for young people to globally connect and help those less fortunate through a variety of community projects, including conservation and other social impact initiatives. All with a common goal of advancing education.

Get Involved

Participating in GLE expeditions leads to increased self-esteem, team work, and instills an appreciation of cultural diversity in students. It also enables students to build social awareness - promoting values of understanding and friendship all whilst having FUN at the same time!

To find out more about who we are and what we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to provide any information you may require!

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