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You believe in the importance of giving students every opportunity to experience the world around them. This in turn opens their minds to other cultures, making new friends and realising their special place in the world.

Students return from the projects with:

  • an increased sense of social responsibility
  • a global view of society
  • a heart for ‘giving back’ and helping others
  • opportunity to apply academic learning to real life events
  • increased classroom focus

“The fulfilling life, the distinctive life, the relevant life is an achievement. To do whatever you do for no reason other than you love it and believe in its importance.”

– David McCullough Jr.

Here is what teachers have to say about a GLE project…

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Teacher Testimonials

The sense of pride in my students. The smiles of the school children. And the village chief shaking my hand and thanking me for all that I had done.

The Yasawa Islands expedition was probably the highlight of my teaching career so far. The thing that really stuck out to me was that all the challenges you face are set by yourself, and the GLE leaders are here to support you as you grow as a person. BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!

Global Learning Expeditions - Icon - Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

I always knew that going on this trip it would be an eye opener for the students, especially as Cambodia is still recovering from the effects of war and living in poverty that is raw and unexplainable. Yet despite this poverty you can't resist the feeling of wanting to smile and when you are around these content people. We all learnt so much- this trip was all about making a difference and that is exactly what our school did!

The Cambodia social justice trip was beyond amazing. It really opened the student’s eyes and connected them to the daily struggles the people face. We were greeted with plenty of friendly faces and the happiest, kindest people I have ever met. Thanks GLE for showing the students how to make a positive difference to people’s lives but in return we all learnt valuable lessons and knowledge from the local people themselves. We have all made friendships and memories that will last a life time.

Global Learning Expeditions - Icon - Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

There are no words that can describe this experience of a life time, which has truly changed who I am and my perspective on life for the greater good.

The Fiji trip was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone with the opportunity to go. The trip had a perfect combination of work and free time which enabled us to help out the community, but also experience the amazing waters though snorkeling and kayaking. The locals are so friendly and grateful for our help, which makes it all the better to see how what we do can benefit them. I developed a greater appreciation of their culture and lifestyle, as did the students and would recommend other schools to definitely get involved.

How to get involved?

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

Contact GLE on or 1800 009 377 to discuss destinations and projects

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

Arrange a time for a GLE representative to address the school at an assembly to present the project destination

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

Hold an information session at school or virtually via Zoom to invite parents to find out more

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

Form group, discuss project and communities needs and set the fundraising target- Entire school community can support the project

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

Funds are transferred from GLE to the foundation and GLF will liaise with the chief, appoint contractors and purchase materials

Global Learning Expeditions - Teachers - How to get involved

School group departs on their expedition and is welcomed by the community on arrival. Groups are fully briefed on the project and safety aspects and then take part in the community service work.

Why GLE?

Because we are 100% different

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For more information, email or call 1800 009 377

BE the difference

GLE works in partnership with students, the Global Learning Foundation and local communities to create real sustainable change. Working together we can achieve a brighter future with quality education, housing and income generation for individuals, families and communities throughout the world.

BE the difference and create a change for one child, one family, and one community. Together let's build a better future for everyone!

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About us

Global Learning Expeditions (GLE) evolved to fill a void in the student community service travel space and is a dedicated and meaningful company that supports the work of the foundation.

GLE manages opportunities for young people to globally connect and help those less fortunate through a variety of community projects, including conservation and other social impact initiatives. All with a common goal of advancing education.

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Participating in GLE expeditions leads to increased self-esteem, team work, and instills an appreciation of cultural diversity in students. It also enables students to build social awareness - promoting values of understanding and friendship all whilst having FUN at the same time!

To find out more about who we are and what we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to provide any information you may require!

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